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What We Provide

Probate Clearances: Services


Clearing an estate is never easy, we aim to offer a caring, professional and efficient service. We provide a straight forward process for your estate clearance;

1 - A member of the team will view the property and carry out your survey, this will include listing any items for valuation.

2 - A team will arrive on the arranged day to clear the property, we aim to clear all properties fully within 1 day unless otherwise arranged.

3 - A full report will be provided post property clearance detailing materials re used, materials recycled, carbon footprint and any items of value to be returned to the estate. 

We aim to ensure in all property clearances that we maximise items for re use, materials that can be fully recycled and we avoid landfill. 


When carrying out a probate clearance in Dorset, Bournemouth or Poole we will see the job through from start to finish, from itemising the estate, connecting with auction houses, private collectors and valuers to providing a full clean on completion of the clearance leaving the property ready for the next stage. It all starts with a call and we will ensure every aspect is smoothly and respectfully handled. We are also very happy if our customers just need advice or information contact us today to see how we can help.

All surveys are carried out free of charge with no obligation.

At Junk-O-Saurus we take a slightly different view on helping retrieve the best value for any items from the estate that might be of value. Although there are many auction houses providing estate sales we have found that using ebay ensuring listings are perfectly described and researched, along with professional photos then our clients can ensure the best value on the largest auction site world wide. 


When clearing an estate we know confidential information has to be handled carefully and so we will ensure all confidential paperwork, or data is sent for appropraite disposal giving you peace of mind your loved ones information is safe.

Probate clearance being undertaken by the Dorset waste collection team
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