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Our House Clearance Guide

Spring clear out, decluttering, had a bereavement in the family, there are many reasons we find ourselves trying to declutter and clear out and we offer this guide as a short useful and helpful way to keep the costs down, as well as the environmental impact.

Firstly it’s getting organised, we all have ‘that room’ where everything goes that we don’t know where else to put it, so let’s get organised, set yourself some time to sort through things, and create some space to sort out;

  • What's staying

  • What's going

That’s the first challenge, and once you have your items to go it’s whether it’s old furniture, boxes of bric a brac or just a general mix of domestic items it helps to plan where it can go here we have some solutions, some will have a costs attached, some are free, and some will even bring in a few pennies;

  • Charity Shop - Charity shops are a great way to send items for reuse, not only does it ensure they find a new and valued home, but also helps a great cause. You’ll find some charity shops will even collect large amounts of items/furniture. We just advise you to check with them first before dropping off some items they can’t sell or do anything with.

  • Scrap Yard - Get on google and find your local scrap yard, you may be surprised that a pile of brass taps from the shed, a bit of copper pipe from the garage, or a few bits of old steel can suddenly be exchanged for cash. Anyone can use a scrap yard, you just need to make sure you have some form of idea, and proof of address.

  • Facebook Marketplace - It’s amazing what you may think is rubbish, is someone else’s gold. If you're throwing it out anyway, facebook marketplace can be a great resource to remove old clutter, and again you may even end up with enough money to treat yourself to a takeaway.

  • Ebay - Similar to facebook, ebay can be a fantastic way to move items you no longer want on, it’s always worth a little look on ebay as well to see if the items ‘sold’ in the past will give you a great idea on how best to list your item.

  • Online - You’ll find a host of sites online from ‘vintage cash cow’ who will price and buy vintage items, ‘music magpie’ where you can send your old electricals or ‘we buy books’ with a handy scanner app to help decide if your old books have an unexpected value.

  • Local Tip - Your local recycling centre will take most items, although always check as some items may have a charge attached, but as long as it’s come from your household you should be all good. Most recycling centres also have great systems in place to promote recycling.

  • Clearance Company - From a single box or item of old furniture to a full house contents clearance companies will take the hassle out, and ensure all items are removed and your space becomes yours again. We do advise though to always check they are fully licensed, you can do this on this link, or just ask to see their waste carriers licence.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief clearance guide, and find a few tips for clearing that clutter.

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